Connected CRM & Big Data – Part 1 of 4 – Introduction

The following articles are from a white paper that I wrote for Merkle. You can find the original white paper on the Merkle website. I will post the white paper in 4 parts. This is part 1 of 4.

By now we’ve all acquiesced; there has been a massive change in the way consumers are interacting with our brands. Traditional marketing channels are in decline, and we are focused on interacting with our consumers in the ever-increasing set of addressable channels and media. It’s not that the traditional marketing world has ended, but we have to bring the conventional and digital realms together to better optimize and personalize our marketing efforts. The result means greater data volumes, new identity types, immediate interactivity in delivering our relevant messages, and the demand for better measurement.

Ultimately, what we are seeing is that the consumer’s path to purchase has significantly changed. Prior to the consumer converting to a customer of our brand, they are likely to have consulted a myriad of sources via search, social media, display, our brand’s website, or some other channel.

Path to Purchase

In addition to this change, we are seeing that the use of newer channels is far outpacing the traditional channels, and it is accelerating. This shift is having a significant impact on our marketing solutions. We now find ourselves trying to answer key questions related to the way we build and think about our marketing solutions:

  • How does ‘Big Data’ impact our marketing efforts?
  • How do I resolve known and unknown individuals?
  • How do I provide relevant and personalized messages in interactive channels?
  • How do I coordinate this across all channels?